Woodcraft Industries - Production

Woodcraft Industries Job Description
Original Date:4/17/90
Revised Date:1/1/99
Job Title:Woodworker
Department:All Departments
Job Specifications:
Education - High School/GED
Job Related Experience - None Required
Supervision Received - Department Supervisor
Job Summary: The Woodworker is responsible for performing a variety of entry-level tasks as assigned by the supervisor.
Job Duties:
Receives direction from the supervisor and notifies the supervisor when more work is needed.
2.Maintains the work area, machinery, and tools in a neat, clean, and orderly fashion.
3.Follows all safety procedures, rules, and guidelines; and notifies the supervisor of any existing or potential safety issues.
4.Follows all standard operating procedures and notifies the supervisor of potential procedural improvements.
Assists in other work areas when the workload permits or requires.
Cooperates with and supports co-workers and gets involved as a team player.
7.Meets or exceeds the production standards for the position.
8.Accurately, thoroughly, and legibly completes all documentation related to this position; i.e., production reports, accurate time keeping, etc.
9.Observes closely the operation of tools and machinery and notifies the supervisor immediately of malfunctions or maintenance that may be needed.
10.Monitors product constantly to ensure that quality standards are being met, and rejects product that does not meet quality standards.
Performs related work as directed. Examples of this work:
a.Feeds the Finish Sander; takes panels from a pallet and places them under the sander.
b.Piling table or belt; takes cut blanks from table or belt and places these blanks on appropriate pallet, sorting these pieces by size. Blanks weigh 1-2 pounds but because of rapid pace, need to pick up several at a time.
c.Tailing the gang saw; after boards have been cut lengthwise by gang saw, boards are pulled from conveyor and stacked on appropriate cart. Boards are 8-16 feet long and up to 3 inches wide. Must sort boards according to size, so need to recognize the difference between 1?, 2?, 2?, etc.
d.Lays up panels on the gluer; lays staves together by matching color and grain pattern. Places these staves on conveyor to be placed in gluer clamps.
12.Observes closely the operation of any area assigned to, so that when an operator position becomes available, the skills necessary to perform that job are mastered.
Physical Demand Analysis - Woodworker
Note: In terms of an 8-hour day,
"Occasionally" means 1% to 33%
"Frequently" means 34% to 66%
"Continuously" means 67% to 100%
In an 8-hour work day the employee must
a.Sit for12 34 5678910 hours
b.Stand for12(3)4 5678910 hours
c.Walk for12 34(5)678910 hours
The employee's job requires them to do the following:
Crawl X
Climb a height of 15 feetX
Reach above shoulder levelX
Crouch X
Kneel X
Balance X
The employee's job requires them to carry:
Up to 10 lbs.X
11 ? 24 lbs.X
25 ? 34 lbs.X
35 ? 50 lbs.X
51 ? 74 lbs.X
75 ? 100 lbs.X
The employee's job requires them to lift:
Up to 10 lbs.X
11 ? 24 lbs.X
25 ? 34 lbs.X
35 ? 50 lbs.X
51 ? 74 lbs.X
75 ? 100 lbs.X
The employee's job requires:
Verbal communicationX
Written communicationX
Hearing ordinary conversationX
Hearing high or low pitch soundX
Distinguishing colorsX
The employee's job requires coordination for repetitive action:
In operating foot controlsX
In simple graspingX
In firm graspingX
In fine manipulatingX
The employee works:
Inside 99 % of the time
Outside 1 % of the time
The employee's job requires exposure to:
Driving moving equipmentX
Poor ventilation, agents, adhesives,
toxic gases, dust, fumes, mists, & odorsX

Don't Be Fooled

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